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I am a Washington DC based photographer who has been photographing in the DC area and abroad for over 20 years. I was raised by Argentine parents in a small town in Vermont and my interest in photography began with a family trip to Buenos Aires when I was 10 years old. 
I was intrigued by my uncle's stunning black and white images on the walls and since that moment I was hooked. Once back in Vermont my father reinforced that interest as he would develop his prints in the bathroom as I watched in amazement the magic unfold before me.  My excitement and desire to capture this magic with a camera continues to this day. 

I strive to make beautiful, elegant and creative photographs that capture the emotion, candid moments, and the unique personality of your special day.  My work is highly editorial and I try to incorporate an additional layer of styling experience to my weddings. My portraits are gently styled without feeling too posed. The final set of photos is a blend of spontaneity with lifestyle editorial, timeless and beautiful compositions. 

One of the biggest complitments I receive is that I make people feel very comfortable in front of the camera and that I find ways to truly communicate my subject's personality.

My hope is the my clients fall in love with my work, I want my style to resonate with their own vision for their day. That you trust my eye and simply allow to do what I do best. That allows me to be in an environment to do my best work. 

Frequently asked questions: 
What is my style?  A mixture fo fine art, portraiture and photojournalism with an understated elegance that is modern yet timeless. I would like my images to still feel classic and beautiful 20-50 years from now.

Do I photograph destination weddings?  Yes have done weddings in Colombia, Argentina, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Italy.

Do I photograph in digital or in film?  I started out shooting wedding in film but now I shoot in digital format with my signature style applied in post production for grainy and raw finish to emulate film- the best of both worlds. 

How many weddings per year do I do? Between 10-15 per year. 

I am open to designing a package that suits your wedding vision and budget. I will give you the high resolution images on a hard drive-no water marks. Your images are yours to use and to keep for future generations. 

All wedding packages include:

Full-day 8 hours coverage with Michael and a second photogpher (6 hours)
600-700 high resolution edited images on a drive
Password-protected web gallery 
A set of 10 low resolution images to share with family and friends within days after the wedding. 

Full price-sheet available upon request. 

Weddings by Michael Bonfigli

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